Our main aim is to allow you and your family plan, prepare and enjoy your food, knowing it is nutritious. 

We will focus on whole-foods that are easy to find and buy.  We would love you to comment and tell us what works for you, our hope is that this will become your blog.

We will be starting our recipes with a mix of snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners and maybe a treat here and there. We especially want you and your family to allow the social aspect of food back into your life.

We know that food and smells can really test everyone who has had chemo or radiotherapy but we hope some of our suggestions and tips will help counteract some of the challenges. Let us know what works for you and share anything you have discovered. 

This blog is for you and your family so please join us on our venture to bring the joy of food back to cancer patients and those who care for them.