Our story is inspired by a group of people who recognised a gap in our cancer services and came together with a shared vision of supporting people with cancer and their families in the Munster region.

In 2001 they formed a Board of Trustees and together set about designing a plan for Cork ARC Cancer Support House. The Board brought their plan to the then Department of Health, seeking their support and they provided us with our premises, “Cliffdale”, on O’Donovan Rossa Road on a life lease.

A refurbishment and extension of “Cliffdale” was necessary and a fundraising campaign for the project began in earnest. Great emphasis was put on creating the ambience and atmosphere of the house and within twelve months of the launch, we transformed the house into a warm and tranquil haven and welcomed our first visitors when we opened our doors in 2003.  We received huge support from many local businesses and people in our community and with their help the house became the haven of welcome and calm that it is today. 

The minute I walked in the door of Cork ARC, I felt a peace come over me. The house gave me a place where I could feel supported and safe.
— Visitor to Cork ARC

From the outset, the need for services was immediately evident as people made contact as soon as we opened our doors. Over the years, the number and variety of support services we offer has increased to meet the evolving needs of our visitors.

Volunteers are fundamental to the success of our story and the generosity and commitment of our wonderful team of volunteers is inspirational. Starting as a group of twelve, they immediately began meeting, listening and supporting people with cancer and their families. Today with over 70 volunteers delivering services with the same commitment and enthusiasm it is obvious from those who visit that their support is essential. The atmosphere of the house is created by this generosity of spirit and remains the thing that visitors mention time and time again.