Pilates programme for men with a cancer diagnosis

This exercise programme supports men to establish health and wellbeing after a cancer diagnosis. 

In response to feedback from our male visitors, we have designed a Pilates programme for men with cancer. Facilitated by Stephanie Corkery, Chartered Physiotherapist, MISCP, our six week programme will offer exercises to aid in the rehabilitation and recovery of men after a cancer diagnosis. 

Men recovering from prostate cancer treatment, for example, can suffer from post-operative complications such as incontinence and pelvic floor weakness from the surgery
— Stephanie Corkery, Evening Echo, 18 June 2016

Starting with an introductory session on the morning of Wednesday 15th June at 10.00 am, the six week programme will commence from Wednesday 22nd June. This pilates class is a series of mat based exercises adapted by physiotherapists for patients who are recovering from injury and illness.

It’s a low impact, gentle form of exercise which improves strength, flexibility and control. This programme, as with all of our services, is available free of charge. However, booking is necessary as places are extremely limited. To find out more and reserve your place, call our support centre on 021 427 6688 or fill out our contact form below.