Education and Practical Information on Prevention and Management of Lymphoedema after a Cancer Diagnosis

If you are interested in learning about the prevention and management of lymphoedema after a cancer diagnosis you may be interested in our information workshops. Presented by Maedbh McSweeney, this workshop will provide practical information and instructions on exercise and movement to manage lymphoedema.

Please contact Fiona at Cork ARC to register your interest in attending our next Lymphoedema Workshop.  Tel: 021 4276688

About Maedbh McSweeney 

Director of The Lymph Clinic (TLC), Maedbh is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in lymphoedema and a medical integrative healthcare therapist. Maedbh has studied and practiced comprehensively in the field of integrative medicine and is the only certified Basic & Therapy 1 teacher of the originial Dr. Vodder method (MLD) in Ireland.