Grand Parade makes room for Cork ARC

Cork ARC Cancer Support House and Casey’s Furniture, in partnership with Cork City Council, unveiled a major addition to the ‘Make Room 4 ARC’ campaign with an impressive banner overlooking Cork City centre.

The banner, located on Grand Parade, features the purple couch - the symbol of the fundraising campaign - in the middle of Cork City. The purple couch was sourced and donated to the campaign by Casey’s Furniture and the banner places it in the middle of Cork City. The couch represents the essence of what Cork ARC offers - a quiet room and a comfortable, safe space away from the disorder caused by a cancer diagnosis and a place where people with cancer and their families will find the help and support they need. The couch will feature in Casey’s iconic window display in the coming weeks. Following this, businesses and organisations who support the campaign will be given the opportunity to feature the couch in their premises. 

Money raised from #Room4ARC will help Cork ARC make the move from Cliffdale - the original Cork ARC Cancer Support House established in 2003 - and transfer operations to Sarsfield House. Sarsfield House is a substantial, detached two-storey building which will offer much needed space, privacy and potential for Cork ARC to deliver new and innovative services. As a result, Sarsfield House will become a benchmark centre of excellence for the provision of non-clinical cancer support in Ireland.

Mia Dorney, former cancer patient and Cork ARC Cancer Support House participant, attended the banner launch. Commenting on the campaign, Dorney said: 'The services that Cork ARC offer to people with cancer are essential and made a huge impact on the outcome of my diagnosis. I urge everyone to support this campaign to enable Cork ARC to grow and support even more people in the future.'

Also at the unveiling was David Casey of Casey’s Furniture. Casey said: “It is an honour for us to support Cork ARC in this campaign and we are delighted to have a Casey’s couch at the centre of it all. The fact that the new banner hangs directly opposite our store on Grand Parade is particularly special for us.” 

To support the campaign, visit Direct donations are welcomed, alongside opportunities for corporate support and community fundraising.