Cork Dragons Information Night

Cork ARC Cancer Support House are delighted to join in with the Cork Dragons' upcoming information night to include information on safe exercise and care for your arm after surgery for breast cancer.

Cork Dragons Information Night 12 April.png

You are very welcome to come along to the Cork Dragons' free information night on Thursday 12th April at Tequila Jack's backroom restaurant on Lapp's Quay in Cork.

As numbers are limited at this free information night, please book directly by texting the Cork Dragons on 086 8345498.

Speakers and Topics:

Cork Dragons Captain Helen McCauley - How dragon boating is good for you both physically and mentally.

Helen Hegarty - Her own personal experience in joining the Cork Dragons. 

Caroline Warren of the Touch Therapy Centre - The benefits of massage and good skin care. 

Fiona Moriarty, Breast Cancer Nurse Counsellor at Cork ARC - Services offered by Cork ARC Cancer Support House. 

Margaret Burke, Nurse - Breast care after surgery and breast implants.

Trish Sutton, Lymph Clinic - Issues relating to Lymphodema.

Cork Dragons


The Cork Dragons are a Dragon Boat Team set up in 2012 to, support and inspire men and women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer

Evidence has shown that exercise after breast cancer is not only safe but beneficial. Apart from the obvious weight control benefit, exercise can improve mental health, boost energy levels and promote better sleep. The specific movement of paddling a dragon boat could play an important part in preventing and/or improving lymphoedema, a chronic swelling of tissues that can occur due to breast surgery and/or radiation.

Being a member of the Cork Dragons means you can connect with other breast cancer survivors whilst engaging in a fun, physical activity. The mix of camaraderie, fresh air, positive endorphins and feeling of being involved in a new adventure all lends itself to an overall ‘feel good’ experience.

Training takes place twice a week - Tuesday at 6.00 pm and Sunday at 10.00 am from April to October and during the winter months they exercise with a personal trainer who has specifically adapted an exercise programme for the Cork Dragons.