We are looking for participants for a research project

Can you help us improve services / supports for people in recovery from cancer?

What we would love is if the research can be used to improve services/supports for people in recovery.

We are part of a national research project with Limerick Institute of Technology in exploring the supports needed for cancer patients in recovery.

We are looking for people to give one and a half hours of their time in group format to dialogue with a researcher. This research has ethical approval, and all feedback is confidential and anonymous.


  • You must be female and over 21 years of age
  • Two years post treatment
  • Have attended Cork ARC Cancer Support House's services 

The date on which we are holding this research group is March 15th, from 1pm - 2.30pm.

During the research session, research will be explained, consent forms will be distributed and signed and following that, questionnaires will be completed. The researcher will be there to answer any questions. The research findings will help give your story a voice, to help professionals in the field understand what the cancer experience and recovery is really like and what your needs are.

Please contact Ellen Joyce on ellen@corkcancersupport.ie if you are interested in participating.