We are a team of five, who came together with one idea in mind - to create a space where you and your families can go and find nutritious, tasty recipes while you are on your cancer journey.


Lucy is a nutritionist, Ballymaloe trained chef and passionate about food and diet. Her enthusiasm is tangible when she talks about the benefit of whole foods, putting lots of colour on your plate and loves to allow herbs and spices bring out the flavour.


Helen is a mother, wife, research nutritionist, avid gardener and cook. She brings her skills of planning, looking ahead for the week if you're heading into a rough week on chemo. She loves when the foods used are whole foods, local, easy to find and buy and not too expensive.


Diarmuid is the Dietician, we like to call him the 'scientist' (sorry no offence Diarmuid). He is witty and funny and brings all the best research to this without any of the jargon. He dispels all the myths out there and focuses on what the evidence tells us. We not sure what his cooking skills are like yet - but from his experience working with oncology patients everyday, lets just say he knows this subject inside and out and is very practical and human in his approach.


Rachel is the digital marketing "cook". For her sins, she has offered her services to try and put all this together in a recipe blog, she is another foodie and as you may have guessed passionate about the care of cancer patients and their diet. If she wasn't she would definitely have run away by now. 


Ellen is an oncology nurse and from what you have probably already seen from what we have written, she is very conscious of how diet and food becomes a big focus for cancer patients and families. Ellen has seen how food can be a struggle. She has also witnessed patients vulnerability being exploited by diets that have no proof of being of any benefit. Her hope is that this blog will help to bring food back into your day so it can be simple, easy and enjoyable for you and your family.