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Patrick O'Toole's Arctic Expedition

Patrick O'Toole is setting out to compete in some the toughest, coldest and windiest weather conditions this March in aid of Cork ARC Cancer Support House and twelve year old Adah Dignam.


The 6633 Arctic Ultra is a non-stop self-sufficient foot race over a distance of three hundred and fifty miles in Northern Canada, across the Arctic circle toward the Arctic Ocean, in temperatures down at minus fifty five degrees celsius. 

In choosing to support Cork ARC Cancer Support House, Patrick says, "This is a wonderful organisation with whom I have had the pleasure of being involved with in the past - as well as witnessing first-hand the selfless work that they do."

Patrick O'Toole and the 6633 Arctic Ultra contingent are ready to set off on 8th March, 2018

Patrick O'Toole and the 6633 Arctic Ultra contingent are ready to set off on 8th March, 2018

By delivering over 7,500 cancer support services from Cork ARC Cancer Support House in Cork city, Bantry, Youghal and from our Friday morning service in Cork city's north side, we believe we are achieving our vision to be recognized regionally as a superior provider of valued services for cancer sufferers and their families. We would like to thank Patrick for his generous support of our service, and wish him the very best of luck in his preparation for his Arctic adventure.

Any assistance or support that is offered will go towards assisting two causes very close to my heart.
— Patrick O'Toole
Adah Dignam

Patrick's aim in supporting Adah Dignam is to assist in the costs of providing the many supports and domestic improvements she needs to ensure a meaningful quality of life in a home care environment. He says that "Adah is a wonderful 12 year old girl who was born with severe challenges and the grimmest prognosis for any kind quality of life. She suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is visually impaired, wholly dependent on full-time care."

Race Update - 13th March 2018

Meitheal Design Partners on behalf of Patrick O'Toole have issued the following statement:

"We have just received word that our colleague Patrick O Toole, running in second place on day 6 of the 6633 Arctic Ultra race has unfortunately been withdrawn by the race doctors due to a frostbite injury. We are gutted for Patrick after his efforts over the last 6 days.

As a concession to our tandem fundraising effort for Cork ARC Cancer Support House and Adah Dignam, the race organizers have allowed Patrick to finish the final stages as a non-competitor participant (Patrick will not be self-sufficient as he will receive medical attention).

Patrick thanks all donors to our good causes and apologizes for not getting the job finished!

- Apparently there was a stern debate with the race doctor!

We wish Patrick every good will for his ARCtic adventure this March - Best of Luck!

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