We provide a range of one to one therapies which offer support for patients and those who support them.

Our holistic and complementary therapies are available by appointment. All of our therapies fully conform to best medical practice. 

In Cork ARC Cancer Support House, we believe in the power of compassionate touch through massage and reflexology.

A gentle touch from experience massage therapist can settle those fears and create a space of safety and understanding.

When cancer becomes part of your life it is sometimes difficult to find words to ease your fears and anxieties. A gentle touch from an experienced massage therapist can settle those fears and create a space of safety and understanding.

The comfort from this can help you get through those tough days and find a place for your body to relax, even if just for a little while.

There are many myths about massage for someone with cancer and it's not the same massage will suit everyone. We work with the individual and adapt the touch, working with best evidence based practice to compliment the medical model.

All our therapists have the same basic belief in the healing power of touch. With gentle touch they allow the contact of their hands on the body to allow the body to feel held and understood without judgement.

Therapeutic massage, reflexology and acupuncture are available by appointment at our centre in Cork city, and therapeutic massage and reflexology are available at our centre in Bantry.

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