Our Voluntary Board of Trustees govern the overall operations of Cork ARC Cancer Support House.

They are passionate about providing the best possible support service for cancer patients and their families. They bring expertise from the areas of Oncology, Business, Accounting, Legal and Public Relations. Together they hold firm our mission and ethos, ensuring that we maintain a high quality, professional service. Their commitment of time and expertise throughout the year is a testimony to their belief in providing support for cancer patients and their families.


Meet Our Board of TRUSTEES




Prof. Seamus O’Reilly - Chairman

As Consultant Medical Oncologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine at University College Cork, Seamus was pioneering in ensuring that patients would have a space such as Cork ARC Cancer Support House to help them through their cancer diagnosis and treatment. His daily work in the clinics and wards brings the expertise, understanding and passion needed to guide the development of our service.

Bernard Uniacke – Treasurer

The responsibility of Accountancy is Bernard’s forte. His experience as a Chartered Accountant, Chairman of Irish International Trading Corp., and former senior partner in Deloitte and former chairman of TSB Bank ensures that Cork ARC Cancer Support House has exceptional financial and business accountability, so essential for the people we serve. His strong belief in our services is evident in the passion, stewardship and commitment he brings to his voluntary position as Treasurer.

Kevin Nagle

Kevin is our legal eagle. He has over forty years experience as a Solicitor in private general practice here in Cork city. The importance of Kevin’s expertise in ensuring best practice and good governance is vital for Cork ARC Cancer Support House. His intricate knowledge of the legal requirements for regulation and compliance is paramount to us as a charity. His empathy and generosity for those in need of our services goes far beyond his legal commitment to us.

Paul Montgomery

Paul’s enthusiasm for delivering support services to cancer patients makes him an invaluable resource for Cork ARC Cancer Support House. As a public figure in the world of vintners and business in Cork city, he has great skills in networking and raising awareness of our services. His vision and business insight provides us with a major asset in strategic development. His understanding of the cancer journey fuels his passion to ensure our services are available for all those who need them.

Damian McGovern

Damian’s experience as Business Manager, Directorate of Medicine at Cork University Hospital (CUH) with particular responsibility for the delivery of oncology services gives him a unique awareness for the well-being and psychological needs of people affected by cancer. With over twenty years of experience in healthcare management, his presence on the Board adds a special understanding of the life of cancer patients in the clinical world. His knowledge and skills of the developments in cancer services is key to our strategic vision. His voluntary input is brought with genuine care and a wish to make the lives of cancer patients and their families better.


"It is a privilege for me to join the Board of Cork ARC, to support an organisation who make such a positive difference to the lives of cancer patients and their families," says Kaye Ronayne, who joined the Board in late 2016. Kaye's expertise as a facilitator/mediator in the area of change management and people organisation, across public, private and voluntary sectors, ensures that her astute awareness about the issues facing organisations will enhance the governing capacity of the Board and assist it in its mission in ensuring the needs of cancer patients and their families are met.  

dr. Louise nestor

Also joining the Board of Trustees in late 2016 was Dr. Louise Nestor, a GP in Cork city with over twenty years’ experience. Her care of patients in the community has allowed her to witness at first hand the positive impact Cork ARC brings to patients and their families when touched by cancer. She brings this knowledge and empathy to the Board to ensure that the best care is provided by Cork ARC. She says, “I am impressed by the positive impact Cork ARC has had on friends and patients who have had cancer, and am delighted to join their Board at such an exciting time in their history.”