At Cork ARC Cancer Support House, we provide information sessions on specific topics.

Our information workshops include: 

  • Bereavement Information - when someone belonging to you has died after cancer
  • Diet in Cancer
  • Lymphoedema Information
  • Hormonal Therapies - managing side effects of hormonal therapies for the treatment of breast cancer
  • Understanding The Inherited Risk of Cancer
  • Prostate Information
  • Brighter Days, Beautiful Ways - skincare, makeup and style tips after cancer treatment

All of these information workshops are provided free of charge. Places are limited for these groups so booking is essential. Please contact us to find out more or fill out our enquiry form below.




Our workshop is open to anyone coping with the death of a loved one from cancer who feels they would like to learn and understand more about the grieving process.

The evening will include a mix of information and discussion that may support you in your loss.

It helped to know that my grief is normal and that other people experience similar feelings


This workshop provides practical information and instructions on exercise and movement to manage lymphoedema, to help with the prevention and management of the condition.

Next two part workshop takes place on Monday 28th November & Monday 5th November, 11.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.


Our Brighter Days, Beautiful Ways workshop gives you simple tips for skin care, makeup and style after cancer treatment. 


Our Diet in Cancer Information Workshop complements our recipe blog and covers the challenges of diet when you or your loved one has cancer.

It introduces you to the types of food that can be particularly helpful to you during and post-treatment. It also offers you a chance to ask questions and recommends websites and booklets that are evidence based.

hormonal therapies

These workshops provide up to date information and research around options in the management of the side effects of hormonal therapies for the treatment of breast cancer. 


Our Prostate Information Workshop offers you information on how cancer of the prostate can be managed:

  • PSA Testing
  • Watchful Waiting / Active Surveillance
  • Symptom Managment including LUTS, Erectile Disfunction & Incontinence

Our talk is facilitated by experts in the fields of prostate cancer and urology.