Our Breast Cancer Nurse Counsellor, Fiona Moriarty, provides information and practical and emotional support for patients with breast cancer and their relatives. This support is available at any stage of your cancer journey.

The role of the Breast Cancer Nurse Counsellor is to support those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. It involves creating supports either on a one to one basis or within a group setting and includes giving practical advice and educational workshops that help acknowledge the impact of breast cancer.

I felt strangely alone when my treatment ended, so I joined the Cork ARC breast cancer support group. It was so helpful to hear other people’s experiences and realise I was not alone - knowing that what you feel is both normal and natural.
— Visitor to Cork ARC

Another aspect of support includes facilitating group programmes where women with a similar experience can share in safety, all the emotions, fears, tears and laughter that go with a diagnosis. To be in a group of others who really ‘get it’ can really help with feelings of isolation. It creates a safe space where people who are finished their cancer treatment can share experiences and learn tools to help them move on in their lives.  Any advice or information relies on best research and evidence which can be delivered in a very non-threatening calm atmosphere. 

There are times when you may need to share your concerns and feelings in privacy away from loved ones and the clinical setting . If you would like to make a one to one appointment with Fiona, you can email her on fiona@corkcancersupport.ie or phone 021 4276688.